Saturday, 25 August 2012

Day 64: The Good, The Bad & The Real

There's a whole lot more to life than meets the eye, more than the bad and the routine and the commonplace - more good stuff, more poetry than you could believe.

Nothing like a bit of Bukowski's hard-earned wisdom to put life on its right axis again.

If we take -  Charles Bukowski

if we take what we can see-
the engines driving us mad,
lovers finally hating;
this fish in the market
staring upward into our minds;
flowers rotting, flies web-caught;
riots, roars of caged lions,
clowns in love with dollar bills,
nations moving people like pawns;
daylight thieves with beautiful
nighttime wives and wines;
the crowded jails,
the commonplace unemployed,
dying grass, 2-bit fires;
men old enough to love the grave.

These things, and others, in content
show life swinging on rotten axis.

But they've left us a bit of music
and a spiked show in the corner,
a jigger of scotch, a blue necktie,
a small volume of poems by Rimbaud,
a horse running as if the devil were
twisting his tail
over the bluegrass and screaming, and then,
love again
like a streetcar turning the corner
on time,
the city waiting,
the wine and the flowers
the water walking across the lake
and summer and winter and summer and summer
and winter again.


  1. Yesterday I looked out my kitchen window just as a fly was 'web-caught'. The spider whose web it was spread to this morsel and began to wrap it up in a neat bundle. Thinking I would take a close-up photo I gathered my nearby camera and turned back to the window. This took mere seconds but surprisingly spider & fly were nowhere in sight.

  2. Jeez, strange... and did life seem to swing on a rotten axis for those few moments??


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